wandering_star: (Sii come il promontorio)

In questi anfratti bui che sanno di mare.

Where you think there is no winter but forget you take it with you

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Name:Wandering Star
Birthdate:Nov 29

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aerosmith, afterhours, alessandro magno, alice in wonderland, angela carter, anime, arundhati roy, asoiaf, band of brothers, banners, beat generation, beauty and the beast, beethoven, berserk, black family, blends, blood ties, brokeback mountain, cesare borgia, cinema, claude monet, clemente rebora, color bar, cowboy bebop, criminal minds, czech republic, death note, digimon, disney, do começo ao fim, dreams, e.e. cummings, east europe, egon schiele, eighties, emily bronte, fairytales, fanfic, fireflies, folklore, foo fighter, free iwatobi swim club, friends only banners, graphic, gustav klimt, harry potter, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, headers, hiroshige, historical fiction, history, hokusai, icons, jack kerouac, jane campion, japan, japanese folklore, johannes vermeer, kings of leon, led zeppelin, life on mars, literature, london, lord of the rings, lost, lost in translation, lucrezia borgia, luis cernuda, lynyrd skynyrd, marauders, marguerite duras, marlene kuntz, merlin, middle ages, misfits, my summer of love, mythology, nazim hikmet, one direction, onisama e, original fiction, paganism, paul bowles, peter pan, photography, photoshop, pierre-auguste renoir, praha, psycho-pass, punk, reading, renaissance, rocknrolla, saiyuki, sandro penna, sherlock holmes, shonen-ai, skins, slam dunk, slash, sleeping, southern rock, spirited away, star-crossed lovers, suits, supernatural, sylvia plath, takehiko inoue, tarots, teen wolf, the borgias, the clash, the english patient, the sea, the sheltering sky, the shield, the virgin suicides, tinker tailor soldier spy, tokyo ghoul, toulouse lautrec, true blood, tutorials, twincest, velvet goldmine, vincent van gogh, vintage, virginia woolf, wallpapers, winter, wolf's rain, woods, writing, wuthering heights, yaoi, yoko kanno
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